coaching memoir

Breaking Out Gently – A Brutally Honest Coaching Memoir Into Unconditional Self-Love

by Francisca B. Michel

Breaking Out Gently is for you if your soul is guiding you to release an old, outmoded paradigm—while maintaining peace and balance. Through her personal story and anecdotes, the author provides clear descriptions of ways we limit ourselves and outlines step-by-step how we can take an active role co-creating a more fulfilling life.  She illustrates how to use the power of self-determination and the law of attraction to transform your life from within. The theories advocated are easily understandable for readers new to the approach, and those experienced in the philosophy will find fresh encouragement and support in their journeys. In combination with the practical guidebook Bliss Keys, and the online coaching hub, Breaking Out Gently is a wonderful companion to living your truth.

“Breaking Out Gently is an insightful and moving book packed with practical wisdom. If you are willing to be truthful and challenge yourself, it offers an opportunity to embrace life’s realities, clear unhealthy beliefs, and assumptions, and step into a new experience of wholeness and clarity. A fascinating and valuable read.” ~Brandon Bays, Author The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free