Attitude of ​No Judgement

Non-Judgemental Attitude

I wanted there to be a sense of authenticity and transparency, so I decided to share part of my own experience in the form of teaching stories. The idea to share personal anecdotes came from noticing that occasionally admitting things I had previously judged in me to my clients, made it easier for them to release their own self-judgment. My intention is not to make it about me, but to encourage you to accept yourself completely. By admitting your shadow, you break its power.

Don’t let inhibition or politeness stop you from allowing your own inner work to rip. There is nothing polite or “nice” about going on the descent into the shadowlands of self-discovery. This is spiritual warrior turf. The work starts when you’re willing to admit to that which has up until now kept you tied down. 

Withholding your fears or your own self-judgment slows the self-growth and the self-actualization process because energy is used to keep certain aspects in check. You need to let go of self-judgment. One way to do that is to expose the things that you judge yourself for and realize that you are still loved.

A helpful tool—if you feel drawn to this approach—is to film or audio record yourself while you are doing one of the contemplation exercises in this program. You can use your phone camera or audio recording device. By looking back at your footage, and listening back to yourself, you will gain insight into how you operate in life. This can accelerate the journey to truly “knowing thyself” and learning to appreciate yourself fully the way you are!

The individual work I do with my clients is all about the space I hold for them so they can be open and vulnerable, authentic. The coaching hub at provides that for you, too. We need a safe space to birth our true self. It can not happen otherwise. We also need this safe space within ourselves. It comes from trusting yourself.  —Francisca B Michel, Breaking Out Gently