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Bliss Keys is Francisca B. Michel’s signature coaching program presented by Journeywork California, Inc., a California C-Corporation.

Background: From 2011 – April 2019, “” was the website name for Francisca’s Journeywork/Emotional Healing Service. In 2013, Francisca added The Dreambuilder Course to her services. In 2015, she studied the Evolution Stimulator Program, and in 2016, she created her own coaching program–combining emotional healing, laser coaching, and mind-over-matter teaching, then called Transformational Coaching. In May 2019 Francisca changed the website name “Journeywork California” to “Bliss Keys” to match the publication of her coaching books: “Bliss Keys-A Practical Guide to Unlocking Your Purpose,” and the companion coaching memoir “Breaking Out Gently.”

Journeywork California, Inc. presents: