Journey Work (Private Session)

“If you ever met someone brave and powerful enough to walk with you directly through your most unconscious wounds and shadow caves – someone with the stupefying courage to see through the chinks of your armor and then help you take it off – love them. Because they have done something for you which is impossible to do alone. They will show you the treasure you’ve been seeking all your life, and they can do this because they aren’t afraid of your fear.”

              ~ Jacob Nordby

From Shock to Source Through Journeywork

Francisca Bronwyn

Your Allies

Journey Practitioners are your Allies on your Path through the Maze. They’re not afraid of your fear, because they know that beneath it is always Source.

Inner Work

Journeywork is the inner work that cuts through to the core of what needs to happen to heal. Emotionally, and from there, physically. Journeywork is the epitome of mind-body healing.

Release your Burden

Release the burden you’ve been schlepping with you, cut cords, forgive and your body will respond with self-healing.

Come home into the part of yourself who already knows that you’re whole and complete.

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What to expect from a Journey Process?

Journeywork can be described as a guided interactive process and is best done sitting up in a comfortable position. You will be awake and alert during this process – not under hypnosis.

  1. The session will begin with a brief conversation to elicit the core of your issue.
  2. The facilitator will guide you into a meditative, relaxed state.
  3. Your awareness will be on your body, and on your breathing. You will identify the specific feeling, which is strongest in your body at that moment, and welcome it.
  4. A crucial memory may come up spontaneously. You do not have to “prepare” any memories. Whatever needs to come up will come up on its own.
  5. You assist the process by keeping your analytical mind out of it. You will be asked to give your mind the job of observing the breath. (If you think you’ll have issues with this, don’t worry, there is no way to do this process “wrong,” and there are many ways the facilitator can assist you in getting your mind out of the way.)
  6. At an imaginary, safe campfire you will be encouraged to dialog and empty out with the people who are involved with your memory and are related to your issue.
  7. You will be guided to a place of resolve from where forgiveness and letting go flow naturally.

Benefits: Journeywork can resolve emotional and/or physical issues at their emotional root cause level. This means that you are not just treating the symptoms of an issue, or providing a temporary release, but that you are in fact taking the issue out by its root. Through this method, women who were told they couldn’t have babies have given birth. People have healed from “terminal” disease. Individuals have gone from self-reproach to self-love, from being lost to finding their path and their purpose in life.

How to look after yourself after a session:

  • Arrange time for yourself immediately after the session – time to integrate your healing process.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Deep emotional healing results in a great deal of activity on the cellular level.
  • To assist the integration process, drink plenty of healthy fluids – water, herbal teas, or lemon water – to flush out the toxins which have been released from your cells.
  • Take care of yourself physically – maybe a hot bath (add some Epsom salt or sea salt to replenish), some healthy soup, perhaps a massage, a walk, and an early night.

Some powerful thoughts

“When they attack you and you notice that you love them with all your heart, your work is done.” ~ Byron Katie