emotionally safe chat room

As part of the online Bliss Keys Membership, you have access to the private members-only Bliss Keys Facebook group. This group provides an emotionally safe space for you.

In the Bliss Keys FB group, the same rules apply that you would expect in a counseling, therapy or emotional healing session: Confidentiality and a non-judgemental attitude. I embrace this group with the same unconditional love and acceptance, that I approach my one-on-one clients with, and a genuine desire to be of service and help you grow into your own light.

Inner work requires dealing with your emotions. In the Bliss Keys FB group, all of your feelings are welcome, and you are guided to meet them in a proactive, healthy way. It’s your place to engage and interact, not just with me, but also with my team of practitioners and client members. It can be very healing and effective to feel safe enough in a group of like-minded others to speak openly and transparently about things that are difficult and weigh on you, as well as sharing your aha-moments, epiphanies, and insights.