soul-path acting

This is one of the most amazing transformational processes that I’ve ever experienced. It’s life changing. I’ve shifted. Keep shifting. It helps you dive into your own self. ~ Ron Vesci, Author The Poet’s Journey

How Soul Path Acting Fits In with Healing and Self-Change

Soul Path Acting was born from marrying journeywork with acting. “Acting” here does not mean pretending to be someone other than your self, but rather discovering your true self. Soul Path Acting makes the self-change journey dynamic and allows you to utilize your courageous inner work for creative expression. The results are powerful. True power comes from the vulnerability to be one’s true self.

I consider this power to see oneself in all one’s ugliness, nakedness, and animalism to be the first step on the ladder of self-revolution. Only the person who is able to see the ugliness in himself is capable of giving beauty to himself. The ugliness of the self cannot be eliminated by putting on beautiful masks. […] In your search for truth, in your search for the existence of your real self, first you will have to wrestle with your own masks. ~ Osho

The Soul Path Acting process brings your hidden, unconscious, “ugly” self to the surface. The masks fall away. You see beneath them. Your shadow and unresolved issues are revealed. But instead of ignoring this “ugly” part of yourself, or trying to hide it, or putting another mask on, the Soul Path Acting process helps you shed it. All that which is not your highest self is released. As a result, your shadow is brought into consciousness. You see your true real self, and your true beauty is revealed.

We’re all actors on the stage of life. And right now, the role we need to play is our highest self.

Come on your Hero’s Journey!

It’s for you if

  • you like (or don’t mind) being in front of the camera (whether you’re an actor or not)
  • you’re not yet playing the roles you want
  • your true potential is not being seen yet
  • you’re yearning for more creative and emotional freedom
  • you want to play more “juicy” meaningful roles in your life and career
  • you’re ready to utilize your inner work in your creativity

How it works

Soul-Path Acting is an inside-out process that guides you to go on your own hero’s journey. You will access the deeper layers of your self.  You will be guided to resolve life issues and utilize them as a springboard to express your unique self, creatively. In an alchemical process, you will turn your deepest pain and fear into gold.

This work is about stepping into the truth of who you are and living from that place. Why? Because when you do, this radical inner Yes to yourself has ripple effects that brighten every aspect of your world. As you come into right relationship with yourself, you come into right relationship with all areas of your life. As you accept yourself fully, you, your relationships, your creativity blossom. And through your transformation, you raise the vibration and inspire others to turn their torches on.

The palace of truth stands on the foundations of reality. And no other power except truth can bring civilization. ~ Osho

The Soul Path Acting process consists of a series of one-on-one sessions. In your powerful sessions, Francisca will guide you to:

  • release unconscious limitations
  • access your uncensored, authentic voice
  • develop your own perfect role (for life, art or work) from within

The process will be captured and recorded on audio/video (confidentiality in place).

Reviewing the process with Francisca becomes a cathartic change agent.

After the soul path acting sessions, and after plot points and character arc have been distilled you can either go off and create with it yourself, or you can have more guidance and collaborate with Francisca on developing your story-line.   

You know if I’m speaking to you.

Let’s go deeper.

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With “acting” I don’t mean pretending to be someone else, but being your own uncensored self. When we capture these “performances” by filming them, we’re making visible the path your soul needs to heal. We show what your soul needs to express so it can free itself from all the junk that you accumulated growing up. Everybody has their own unique story of healing and it’s tremendously intelligent. It’s not really mysterious, it’s very logical what you have to do, let go of, and go through to free yourself from the inner imprisonment that is holding you back. ~ Francisca Bronwyn