Team of Practitioners

As you move through the Bliss Keys Coaching Program, it is possible, depending on individual circumstances, that I may recommend at some point that you have a session or a number of sessions with one of the practitioners and facilitators in my team. This group of mind-body-healing/Journey practitioners, massage therapists, and bodyworkers are people I have personally worked with and highly recommend.

To make the shift from fear to love, from craving to having, from wanting to being, we get to awaken emotionally, cognitively and energetically. My team of practitioners provides the areas of support that harmonize with and complete my program.

A Journey process, or bodywork, can be beneficial right at the beginning of the program to gain clarity, to release “old energy,” and to open up the energy channels in your body.

By including several one-on-one journeywork, bodywork and/or massage sessions into your overall coaching journey, you help your body “connect the dots.” You begin to sense your connectedness with something larger than yourself… you become aware that there is an “observer part of you,” a higher self, you could call it a spiritual awakening.