The name “Bliss Keys”

I initially called my coaching program Love Breaking Free. The name spoke to the phenomenon that when you break free by releasing all that which is not who you truly are, and your true self emerges—the love at the core of your being breaks free, and is then available for you in your life! This is significant because your love is your greatest manifesting power. And—as we collectively break free, and reconnect with the love that unites us all—we create a community of people who grow together in a supportive, holistic, creative environment. The downside of the name was it was too long and preoccupied in a never-ending “breaking free process.” I realized to move my books into publishing mode and launch my hub, I need a name that resonates with the end result of living your bliss, rather than being enthralled in an ongoing process of breaking free

The new name, Bliss Keys, encapsulates the energy of consistently “dropping back into bliss.” The inner work we do to break free from limiting beliefs and definitions so we can remember who we really are and what we are here for, consists of specific keys. Key exercises, key awarenesses, key attitudes. By practicing the essential exercises, you acquire the keys necessary always to center yourself, and come back into balance, to “neutral,” where your true creative power lies.